Anjuta Plugin for maemo SDK+ - Installation Instructions

This document explains how to install and set up the Anjuta plugin for maemo SDK+ development environment on your computer. This document is targeted for maemo application developers who want to use an IDE when developing maemo applications.

1. Supported Platforms

Anjuta IDE plugin for maemo SDK+ is currently an alpha release. At this point of time we only support Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 / i386 host environment. It is, however, possible to compile maemo SDK+ and Anjuta IDE plugin for maemo SDK+ from the source code for other platforms.

2. Installing maemo SDK+

The first step is to install maemo SDK+. The maemo SDK+ build environment is designed to use scratchbox version 2. This is installed separately from earlier versions of scratchbox. Also targets' files and configurations are stored elsewhere. Therefore the maemo SDK+ can coexist with an existing maemo SDK environment, such as scratchbox 1.0.8 'apophis' with maemo 4.0 'chinook', and these environments will not conflict.

The installation instructions for maemo SDK+ can be found from here. The user guide for the command line interface can be found from here.

The maemo SDK+ in itself does not contain any rootstraps. The same rootstraps are used than in maemo 'scirocco', maemo 'bora' and maemo 'chinook' releases. It is recommended to install at least one rootstrap before starting the Anjuta plugin.

3. Installing Anjuta IDE

The next step is to install Anjuta IDE. This is done by typing: sudo apt-get install anjuta.

4. Installing the Anjuta IDE maemo SDK+ Plugin

Now you are ready to install the Anjuta IDE maemo SDK+ plugin. Just download the latest release and install it by typing:

    $ sudo dpkg -i anjuta-plugin-maemo*deb

Happy Hacking !