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2 Software Development

2.1 Building Software

Once you have a working code template you can start programming. In order to build the code select Build item from the Build menu. Note that there is also a keyboard shortcut F11 to run the build.

Once the build is started a build log window is opened at the bottom of your screen. The log highlights all warnings and errors. If no errors was found you should now have a working executable that could be run on the target device. In order to have a working application package you, however, need to build a Debian binary package which then can be installed by the application manager (see the chapter building packages).

2.2 Building Source Code Tarball

The plugin lets you to create a source code snapshot by single mouse click. It will create a gzip-compressed tar file containing all source files of your project. In order to do it select item Build Tarball in the Build menu.

2.3 Running Autogenerate

The plugin lets you to run the autogenerate script by selecting Run Autogenerate item in the Build menu. It will regenerate your configure script and all Makefiles if you have, for instance, manually changed something which requires the files to be regenerated.

2.4 Building Packages

The plugin lets you also create Debian packages. Just go the the Debian menu and select Build Binary Package to create a package than can be installed into the target device.

To build a Debian source package go to the Debian menu and select Build Source Package item.

2.5 Building for plain GTK+

The code template can be built for plain GTK+ (without maemo framework support) manually by typing make clean && ./ gtk && make.

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