Frequently Asked Questions

What is Anjuta maemo SDK+ plugin?

Anjuta maemo SDK+ plugin provides Anjuta IDE development environment for maemo based Internet tablets. The plugin generates a working C code template that is easy to extend into a full application. Code can be build, new source files added, and Debian packages generated directly from the graphical user interface. Thus, you do not need to write your own Debian packaging scripts, automake or configure files, desktop or service files etc. in order to start writting a new application.

The current version, however, is still alpha quality lacking essential features like runtime debugging support.

Who are the targeted users of the Anjuta maemo SDK+ plugin?

This plugin is targeted for application developers who want to develope applications for maemo based Internet tablet devices like Nokia N800 and N810.

Does the code template really work on all maemo devices (i.g. even in Nokia 770)?

Yes, that is correct. The template uses #ifdef's to solve the compatibility issues. You should note, however, that different OS versions have different versions of the core libraries like GTK+ and Hildon, for instance. Thus, if you want to have compatibility with various different OS versions you need to take care of the API issues as well in your own application code. For example, the IT OS2008 is running GTK+ 2.6.10 and the IT OS 2006 and 2007 are running GTK+ 2.6.6.

If your Nokia 770 is running a really old OS version (i.g. IT OS2005) you should, however, upgrade your device.