* User Guide


* MaemoProgram API Reference

Features (version 0.3.0)

    * maemo code template for maemo 4.x, 3.x, and 2.x
        - main.c generated that uses MaemoProgram 0.9.4
          (provides all functionality in the maemo tutorial).
        - Maemo 4.x/3.x/2.x compatibility wrapping
          (the same code template works with all maemo versions).
        - Automatic service, desktop, and help file generation.
        - Automatic Debian changelog, control, and rules file generation.
        - Author, email, license and copyright information automatically added to the source code.
        - code template can be built in plain GTK+ mode as well
    * IDE Build Actions are run inside maemo SDK+ (using Scratchbox2)
        - Build Project
        - Build Tarball
        - Run Configure
        - Run Autogenerate
        - Run Clean
	- Install Project (to target rootstrap)
    * Debian binary and source package building from the IDE.
    * Single click install file generation from the IDE.
    * Rootstrap management from the IDE
        - Rootstrap installation and uninstallation
        - Active target rootstrap selection
    * GOB2 GObject builder support